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Black Minerals - Deep Cleansing & Relaxation

Spa Experience without even a Bath Tub

Charm Bath Black Minerals by TPH makes you feel complete relaxation & enjoy deep cleansing by removing impurities in the skin as activated charcoal combined with super charged natural minerals binds to dirt & pulls it out helping deep cleanse & leaving you refreshed.

Package Contains 10 grams of Super Charged Bath Minerals.


FOR BATH - Add the minerals to a bucket of water & pour the water mug by mug from around the neck to your feet.

FOR FEET & HANDS - Add the minerals to warm water & soak your feet for 15 minutes to improve circulation & soothes tiredness. Same for hands. 

IN BATHTUB - Add the minerals to a tub of water & immerse your body from below the neck & relax in the tub for ten to thirty mins.


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With the current lifestyle where exposure to Nature is limited, Charm Bath by TPH helps you have a mineral rich bath from the convenience of your Home without even needing a Bathtub.

Charm Bath Rejuvenates, Energizes & Cleanse the Body & Mind. It is packed with naturally rich minerals & mystical aromas to provide a wonderful spa experience at home.

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