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Raksha Bandhan Bath Minerals Gift Set- Six Home Spa Experiences
  • Raksha Bandhan Bath Minerals Gift Set- Six Home Spa Experiences

Raksha Bandhan Bath Minerals Gift Set- Six Home Spa Experiences

Spa Experience without even a Bath Tub

Charm Bath Gift Set containing Six Super Charged Bath Minerals.

There are Six Packages each containing 10 grams of Super Charged Bath Minerals.


FOR BATH - Add the minerals to a bucket of water & pour the water mug by mug from around the neck to your feet.

FOR FEET & HANDS - Add the minerals to warm water & soak your feet for 15 minutes to improve circulation & soothes tiredness. Same for hands. 

IN BATHTUB - Add the minerals to a tub of water & immerse your body from below the neck & relax in the tub for ten to thirty mins.


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With the current lifestyle where exposure to Nature is limited, Charm Bath by TPH helps you have a mineral rich bath from the convenience of your Home without even needing a Bathtub.

Charm Bath Rejuvenates, Energizes & Cleanse the Body & Mind. It is packed with naturally rich minerals & mystical aromas to provide a wonderful spa experience at home.

Charm Bath Black Minerals by TPH makes you feel complete relaxation & enjoy deep cleansing by removing impurities in the skin as activated charcoal combined with super charged natural minerals binds to dirt & pulls it out helping deep cleanse & leaving you refreshed.

Charm Bath Forest Minerals by TPH Soothes sore muscles, rejuvenates tired brain, de-stress body & also energizes you with freshness influenced by harmonious blend of aromatic botanicals & minerals that depict pure essences of the forest and recharges your body & soul.

Charm Bath Earthy Minerals by TPH works to enhance joyful excitement & nourish feeling of relief by relaxing & calming your nerves with influence of minerals usually found in natural red clay combined with power of minerals found in rocks mostly mined from ancient underground deposits.

Charm Bath Happy Minerals by TPH intensifies the feeling of pleasure & restore energy through elevating your mood by enhancing the communication between nerve cells with influence of aromas that depict feeling of naturally occurring minerals found in hot springs & volcanic craters.

Charm Bath Ocean Minerals by TPH helps De-stress & feel relaxed as blood circulation is stimulated & skin's chemical balance is maintained by adding moisture & eliminating toxins with power of magnesium, sodium, potassium & other minerals normally found in the ocean.

Charm Bath Muddy Minerals by TPH get you freshness & helps fight the bad toxins while improving the skin condition, relaxing sore muscles & joints also exfoliating dead skin cells with the influence of aromas & concentrated minerals with medicinal qualities that are usually found in mud & rocks.

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