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TPH The Perfume House

We started with a humble Vision of creating World Class Products. The Perfume House is a company founded with passion about creating Quality with Affordability.

Our Philosophy

TPH is driven by the passion to create innovative products that can enhance quality of living. We are also committed to contributing beyond business, for the larger good of society, supporting various initiatives to raise funds for growing children.

The founder Mrs. Sanah Dhurue keeps profound interest in fragrances and she used to create fragrances in the corner of her apartment packing them in roll-on bottles to showcase in the living room for offering friends & family who are fans of her creations.

Mrs. Sanah's devotion to perfumery & mission to innovate lead to founding TPH which now has developed a wide range of unique products for personal and home care. We have proven our competence in the artistry of creating finest scents & also our efficiency in all operational aspects, by developing hundreds of refined fragrances & innovative products appreciated by customers.

We upholding our values with dedication to being a reliable provider of Aromas & all related services, continues to grow together with our customers, suppliers, associates & others.

Our Work

TPH today is able to support hundreds of businesses, small & large across the world with its expertise & by supplying them world class fragrances, aromas & related products cost effectively.

TPH has invested heavily in Research & Development and have created several exclusive compositions for many world-class fragrances and home care products. We only use raw materials from recognized sources & ingredients that are WHO approved for manufacturing home care and fragrance products.

We are connected with various international experts in Perfumery and developers of specialty chemicals to develop and innovate the fragrance and home care product industry in India. We focus on creating compositions that are environment friendly, naturally sustainable and strictly no hazardous chemicals are used.

We also have a full fledged Gifting division that caters to small and big, individual & business occasions, providing tailored gifting options.

Our Strength

With the overwhelming response from customers and our trade partners across India, we have expanded into manufacturing over 130 home and personal care products.

We work to continuously strengthen our production capacity considerably through partnerships with best specialty chemical manufacturing facilities. These associations provide us with established infrastructure geared to cater our growing customer base and requirements from across the world.

We also continue to build long-term affiliations by maintaining healthy relationships with reputed suppliers of raw materials, packaging manufacturers, printers, transporters & sources of various other required accessories.

Our technical competency combined with strong associations across the industry makes us a reliable company capable of delivering bulk orders with consistent quality in minimum time-frame at most reasonable costs.