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Aroma Mask Rub makes wearing masks enjoyable. No more odor from masks. Masks will now smell good.

Masks have become an unavoidable necessity in everybody's life. We have developed this product to help most people wearing masks by utilizing power of natural Aromas & other non-toxic ingredients, As described in the Product images and Video, It neutralizes unpleasant smell in the mask caused by continuous breathing combined with sweat and provides the comfort of Soothing Fragrances.


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Stop Wearing Mask like many people & Start enjoying your Mask from now.

Mask/Scarf/Towel call it anything, some kind of a face cover is now a requirement from the moment we step out. It is something new for most of us, but we really don't have a choice.

We rarely covered our face or wore anything like a Mask, but now mask has become a part of our everyday life. Having to wear mask continuously is something lots of us are finding uncomfortable and even irritating.

So what can we do about it?a

We have a practical solution for this, the Mask Comfort Rub, It comes in a bottle with a roller tip. Rubbing this on our Mask/Scarf/Towel before wearing them is changing the way we feel the mask. Many of us, who were kind of irritated and tired of masks, have found it helpful and are reported to be quite satisfied now.

They seem to be feeling lot more comfortable & easy with their Mask. It makes wearing masks comfortable with the benefits of Aromatherapy, a proven method that is known to provide relaxation. Aromatherapy makes a positive and physical response in our body's emotional and hormonal systems. This works on masks as we start enjoying the aroma from the Mask Comfort Rub. As we enjoy the aroma the stress we normally feel by wearing the mask is reduced.

Will it work for us?

Since it is very important that we have our Masks on from the time we leave our home until we are back, anything that help us keep our masks on is really helpful. It is something we need. So all of us who are not allergic to fine aromas or smells, shall find Mask Comfort Rub useful and benefit from it. Because we no longer will need to worry about the discomfort of mask and can keep the masks on comfortably. Some have already fallen in love with their masks after using Mask Comfort Rub. 

This product is specially created for neutralizing face mask odor and providing relaxation, as wearing the mask is a necessity with Covid-19 situation. The product is made with the goodness of Aroma Therapy providing soothing fragrances. This product helps to make wearing mask for long hours easy & comfortable.

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